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Some of our latest projects

Sibton Park Estate

We worked closely with the resident architect at this Suffolk country estate during the conversion of a number of properties into luxury holiday lettings. The client was keen for us to produce long and wide boards with the occasional, extra wide, feature board to offer a final ‘wow’ factor.

Floor boards fixed above of under-floor heating were placed in the kiln (‘extra kilned’) for a longer period of time to ensure additional moisture was removed. We also created a series of ledge doors cut from the same logs as the floor to ensure quality and consistency throughout the properties.

If you like the look of Sibton Park, they have a number of properties available for private hire. Check out their beautiful website here.

  • Working closely with resident architect
  • Ledge doors created from same trees as the flooring
  • Feature boards produced for impact

Great Linford Manor

We provided 250m2 of flooring for this seventeenth century house in Great Lindford. Formerly a recording studio in the 1980s, the home is a listed building now occupied by Pete Winkelman, chairman of the MK Dons football club.

We worked closely with English Heritage, who wanted to be satisfied that the the floor being supplied would ‘do justice and be fit for period’. Logs were hand selected in France before sample panels of timber were cut to allow the client to choose areas of interest within the wood, revealing the character and history within.

  • 250m2 of oak flooring
  • areas of interest specifically chosen in wood
  • working closely with english heritage

Crosby Hall

We were proud to supply flooring and wall panelling timber for a 1200m2 space in the one of the most important properties of its period in London.

Due to the scale, profile, dimensions of the property and the fact that under-floor heating had been retro fitted, the project was one of the most complex ever undertaken – proven by the fact that we were the only business that was willing to take on the challenge. In terms of the flooring and panelling, all timber, oak in this case was hand selected in France to ensure the specification could be achieved, including the presence of medullary rays on the surface of the material.

  • 1200m2 of oak flooring and panelling
  • one of the most important medieval buildings in london
  • wood hand selected at source in france

Grade One Listed Georgian Manor

Working closely with the client on the East Wing of this residential property, we were requested to match the quality of the original floor across their bedroom, library and gallery, which was quartersawn throughout and sat above underfloor heating over an area of 270m2.

Three quarters of an articulated lorry load of logs were hand selected in France and delivered to our sawmill in Romney Marsh. Further careful selection and sawing took place over a period of around four weeks. After drying, two further rounds of selection were undertaken prior to machining, packing and despatch.

  • 270m2 of oak flooring and panelling
  • wood hand selected in france
  • sawmilled on romney marsh
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