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Oak flooring, furniture, joinery and homewares

Crafting the stories of yesterday into the products of tomorrow

The oak we use in our flooring, furniture and homewares is hand picked by our expert team for its quality and character. From bullet holes to bomb damage, we craft the stories of yesterday into the products of tomorrow. All too often, timber and the trees they come from are seen as a commodity. At Growth Rings, our business is built on a passion for – and knowledge of – the materials we proudly use.

Heritage and provenance are at the heart of our process

Just like the generations before him, Mike Managh carefully listens to the needs of our customers before sourcing and selecting the timber we use, ensuring maximum performance in every product we craft. Once the material passes our exacting standards, we focus on the unique cosmetic characteristics of the timber, allowing the visual heritage of the wood to shine through. We’re experts in selection, hand-working, ageing and finishing of the boarding we use.

Sourced from sustainably managed forests and woodlands across europe and beyond

Our Process

Our trees are carefully sourced from sustainably managed forests and woodlands. After felling in the Autumn, when the sap is falling, the logs we select are graded and converted to maximise yield and enhance the appearance of natural characteristics. Planks are then seasoned, or air-dried, for up to a year outside, ensuring a quality of t and performance when fitted.

Oak is a micro porous material and will be greatly affected by the relative humidity of the environment surrounding it. It breathes in and out like any natural entity and in the age of centrally heated homes, it is more important than eve to use dry oak with a low moisture content. We use dry kilns, to target a moisture content of 9.5% to 10.5%, ensuring we begin any project with a quality, seasoned log.

  • Trees sourced from sustainable woodland.
  • Logs are felled in Autumn, when sap is falling.
  • Logs are converted.
  • Planks are air dried for up to one year.
  • Ready at target moisture content of 9.5% - 10.5%


Our knowledge of moisture, humidity and the science of floor installation, allowing us to offer our customers a highly tailored experience when selecting the timber for their floor. From customising an entire room from a single oak tree, to hand selecting unique characteristics through grain and finish, we work to understand the individual requirements of our customers.

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Joinery and Furniture

Just like the generations before him, Mike Managh leads our team of craftsmen across external and internal joinery projects. From doors, to porches and staircases to panelling, we're experienced at delivering complete pieces from the same log, choosing the right cuts for performance and avoiding any compromise in quality. Our knowledge of listed buildings and heritage homes ensures we stay true to the character and history of the properties we work on.

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